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Cyber Security Tips

Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi is a wireless network protocol that allows devices to use internet and communicate without cables. […]

Security tips:

  1. Cannot use only letters or only numbers, our name, our phone number, general word not use.
  2. Disable remote login on your system or router setting.
  3. Enable MAC Address filtering on your Access Point or router.
  4. Disable wireless administrating setup on router.
  5. Cannot use only letters or only numbers, our name, our phone number, general word not use.
  6. Reduce the Range of the Wireless Signal using router setting.
  7. Upgrade your Router’s firmware which is useful to provide Wi-Fi network security. Change your network security settings to WPA2 because you can use number, word or symbol (! @,#,$,%,^,&,*)

Web site hacking

Web site hacking menace that carrying user authentication to prove identity or access approval to gain access to web site and getting password, edit, delet or data theft is call.[…]

Security tips:

  1. Always Backup Your Files in your computer.
  2. Monitor your site.
  3. Secure Admin Email Address.
  4. Use a Secure Host.
  5. Connect with a Secure Network so no one can get password of web page.
  6. Complex Passwords should be use.
  7. Use Website security tools in our website.
  8. Use security plug-in.
  9. Encrypt Login Pages should be make.

ATM Card Hacking

ATM Card Hacking menace that using tools (Card skimmer) and information gathering through gaining access of ATM Card of victim and collect money in ATM Machine using victim ATM Card. […]

Security tips:

  1. Never share your ATM PIN to any other person.
  2. Hidden pinhole camera pointed the keypad of ATM machine so ATM hackers use it for gathering password.
  3. Keep your ATM in a safe place.
  4. Don’t given any strangers to put your money in your ATM card.
  5. Don't put or leave all your money in one account.
  6. If hackers hack your ATM card so immediately blocked your ATM card and reports the incident and gets a replacement card in your bank.
  7. If you can see ATM skimmer in ATM machine so immediately contact police station or bank.


Spoofing is used for the act of deceiving computer systems or other computer users and it don by faking the identity of another user on the Internet. Ex: IP spoofing, Phone number spoofing, E-mail spoofing, Web page spoof. […]

Security tips:

  1. Always open your bank website or any web site in https:// URL.
  2. Check the in correct grammar or spelling in URL of website.
  3. Check the IP Reputation.
  4. Financial institutions will never ask for your username or password so never response given that type of mail.
  5. If you are submitting financial information through a website so look the “lock” icon on URL.
  6. Use good antivirus software in your computer.


Cyberterrorism is motivated attack against imformation, large-scale disruption of computer network, computer programs, and public internet to cause destruction and harm for personal or government objective. […]

Security tips:

  1. Back up Critical Information of company’s computer system or person computer system.
  2. Anti-malware software should be installed in computer system.
  3. Hard security should be made in our computer system.
  4. Reduce the System's Vulnerability so hard security should be made.
  5. Firewalls should be made.
  6. Monitory should be made in hardware and software in computer system.
  7. Providing training to employee so guard against opening email attachments or responding to messages from unknown sources and protects system security.