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Security Tips


Phishing is Scamming method or act which method through get personal information like facebook account id password or credit card id pass, ATM card Id, password and email id password. […]

Security tips:

  1. Communicate personal information only using cell phone or secure or trusted web sites.
  2. Do not click in pop-up windows.
  3. Never send any information about your account in emails
  4. Don’t responses given spam mails.
  5. Check regularly your online bank information.
  6. Using firewall, anti-spyware and anti-virus software.
  7. Online banking transaction time always Verify https in browser.

System hacking

System password menace that a word or code of characters used for computer user authentication to prove identity or access approval to gain access to computer system.[…]

Security tips:

  1. Cannot use only letters or only numbers, our name, our phone number, general word not use (ex: competition).
  2. Change your pass word at list one time in week.
  3. Install good antivirus program and spyware remover program in computer system.
  4. Good security providing in our Network or Wi-Fi Network.
  5. Backup your computer data and save it in different location.
  6. Don't check the remember my password box.
  7. Trace all documents which are use in 24 hours in one day in computer system.
  8. The browser cache and history should be clean.

E-mail Threats

E-mail threats include virus and worms send via email, attachment (pdf, exe, and bat), spyware, and adware, bed links which is harmful to computer or people. […]

Security tips:

  1. Make two way verification on email so no one can access without permission our email account.
  2. Now today more email security providing by company like content filtering services such as antivirus, antisapm, html tag remover, script remover so use it.
  3. Don’t send any content which is harmful to other person.
  4. Do not replay any spam email.
  5. Always change your login password in one time in one week.
  6. Never share your password.
  7. Never click on hyperlink given in email.