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Cyber Security Tips


Computer viruses are small programs or piece of code that is negative affected in your computer and it is harmful helth against your computer. Viruses can also replicate themselves. Virus send on that method like copy another program, download email attachment, copy cd/dvd, copy pen drive, internet through. Some virus can be more harmful like move files, erase data, create data, etc... […]

Security tips:

  1. Install good antivirus and keep it updated at all times when computer start.
  2. Download any programs, music, games, file only for websites you trust.
  3. Don't conduct online financial transactions from a public computer or wireless network in any place.
  4. Use a pop-up blocker in your browser.
  5. If any SMS or Mail coming in your inbox so do not trust every SMS and Mail check that email header.
  6. Use firewall in your computer.
  7. Always made your Windows OS Updated
  8. Do not clicking on pop-up ads.
  9. Clear your cache.

IRC Crime

IRC full name is Internet Relay Chat. Internet Relay Chat menace that person using the internet to communicate with other person that time of chat call.[…]

Security tips:

  1. Don't delete harmful communications like emails, facebook, twetter these may help provide vital information about the identity of the person behind these.
  2. If any problem creates like given presser or if someone uses bad language so tell your parents.
  3. Always make IRC Account (emails, facebook, and twitter) with your nick name
  4. Avoid getting in to bed arguments online during chat or discussions with other users.
  5. All other internet users are strangers. You do not know who you are chatting with. So don’t give them your personal information-like numbers of the credit card used by your parents, your home addresses, phone numbers and such other personal information.

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is the use of a credit card account through the theft of the account holder card number, card details and account holder information and used to purchase goods, services. […]

Security tips:

  1. Protect your personal or card information and don’t share this information to anybody.
  2. Make your computer up –date antivirus software.
  3. Shop at secure website by ensuring that this brouserpage is secure or not and than using credit card information to purchase any service.
  4. Check your credit card history and after purchase any services and statement show.
  5. Do not write down in any document in your PIN or Log in details, or Pass word.
  6. Do not give response of mails which is take information about your credit card ID or Password.
  7. Report any questionable charges to the card issuer.
  8. Check your card when it is returned to you by the cashier to ensure that it is yours and that it has not been tampered with in any way.